looking to feel joy in all places

I can’t believe I’m meant to feel joy only when I’m outside of work. I have posted so much about how unhappy I am in my current job (although, grateful to have one in this economy) and it definitely is a place where I do NOT feel joyful. Since I’m here more than 40 hours a week, I think it’s about time I changed my attitude. But how ?? I am looking for another job but who knows when I’ll find another one, so in the meantime, I need to figure out how to find joy here in the workplace. I don’t mean the joy you get when there’s a plate of cookies around. (and there is a ton of food at this place). I want to feel joy at other things. I do feel joy with funny coworkers. I feel joy in my internet music. The joyful moments however are few and far between. I do print out a lot of positive items and do read them throughout the day….that helps. but what else can I do?? I’m so miserable here.  I put up smiling faces of loved ones around me and that helps for a few seconds.  How are some people walking around smiling all day while I’m here sulking for the most part ?  I’m getting (if I already don’t have) a reputation for being Debbie Downer and I don;t want that. once that 5:00 pm bell rings and I’m out of work, my mood instantly lifts. The problem is my workplace. If anyone reads this and has any ideas, by all mean please share. Otherwise, I’m doomed to be my most miserable self until i find another job,. and Who knows, the problem could be me, not the job and then I’m in some big trouble.  I should mention I go to counseling and  works until …you guessed it, the workday starts again.  well, now that I’ve got that out of my system, back to the grind. I’ll just turn up the music and get to it.


About midlifeKrisis

I'm a happily married woman who is trying to figure out my purpose in life. I have a great husband and friends, an ok job - in this economy, i know i'm lucky to have one, and a pretty good social life. But...there's something missing. I feel I should be happier, so I've decided to start a blog to get my thoughts out there and maybe motivate myself.
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2 Responses to looking to feel joy in all places

  1. You are killin’ me, Krissy! How many places have you reached out to? Have you gone to a placement agency? How far are you willing to travel? Do you depend on public transportation with only one car? There are so many factors besides HYJ, that may be adding to your mood. You know you need to make X amount of money to get by and that may be hard right now – so what can you cut back on if you get a job offer? Dunkin’ Donuts? Christmas gifts for a year? Vacations for a year? I think it is time to lose all the thoughts that run through your head because of money and it will make a world of difference when you interview. It actually is good that you have been interviewing as it is practice. If you feel brave, call the last place and ask to talk to human resources to find out why you weren’t chosen. Were you too nervous, joke to much, didn’t dress the way they like – I think if more people did this, they would be more successful on their next interview. Could you do me a huge favor and email me your resume? I’m really good at them and better at fixing them if they need it. I can’t say I’ll get to it till Monday as I actually have plans both days this weekend. Sun’s out and it’s Friday, God is good, you have your health and you love your husband. I just took care of the 5 things you are grateful for today. I love you! Kath

  2. iamforchange says:

    I love your pages and your form of self-expression, it is a pleasure to have you share your gifts through your pages Thank you. I have nominated you for blog of the Year please visit my page Blog of the year awards and nominations Thank you! Revised
    Posted on December 9, 2012

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