Sunday scribblings

ok, to get myself in a routine , I am following the instructions on sunday scribblings and trying to write something for the word they suggest. The word is TREAT . I received one today, my boss left early leaving me with freedom to do my work (that IS what you’re supposed to do at work, right?) and also blog and check out some other blogs. 🙂 When i think of treats, I first think of food (I always think of food) but particularly ice cream, chips and chocolate – those are treats. Then I think of treats as blessings:  a treat is a loving phone call from my hubby or an email from a cousin. Thirdly, the word treat can be how i am with someone – if someone is talking , do i treat them to the care of actally listening to them ? How do i treat my friends? do I take them for granted or do I treat them like the treasures they are? In any context, to me,  a treat has to be something good. There’s no such thing as a bad treat !


About midlifeKrisis

I'm a happily married woman who is trying to figure out my purpose in life. I have a great husband and friends, an ok job - in this economy, i know i'm lucky to have one, and a pretty good social life. But...there's something missing. I feel I should be happier, so I've decided to start a blog to get my thoughts out there and maybe motivate myself.
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One Response to Sunday scribblings

  1. Kris, there is not much to say to this one except I love it! Do you get a word a day? Treat was a good one to write about and you put some thought into it. I have to get to my own blogging. Help! xoxo

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