feeling philosophical today

Not sure what’s up with me, but more than ever, i’m devouring lots of inspirational stuff I’ve heard about or found on the internet (and please, by all means, suggest stuff to me!!) and one thing that’s touched me is this poem The Dash, and this little movie is beautiful with gorgeous pictures. I recommend you giving it a look see  🙂  I am slowly coming to some acceptance that I may not find a new job for a while and so while i’m here, I should work on being the best billing clerk I can be and also, I should be nice to those people I find difficult. As i read somewhere, who knows if they’re going through some personal turmoil, so really I could be nicer and more understanding.  Of course, they may be legit a-holes, but even so, I don’t have to sink to their level.:) Anyway, this poem and the zillion other stuff i have been reading made me think about who I am, how I treat people, and what means the most to me. My family, friends, fellow human beings and my own gratefulness for my life are what matters. Have a great weekend all !


About midlifeKrisis

I'm a happily married woman who is trying to figure out my purpose in life. I have a great husband and friends, an ok job - in this economy, i know i'm lucky to have one, and a pretty good social life. But...there's something missing. I feel I should be happier, so I've decided to start a blog to get my thoughts out there and maybe motivate myself.
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