When I wonder why I’m here on this earth, what is my purpose, etc….I need to realize that I have a purpose right now that I’ve never even acknowledged. My beloved cousin said this a while ago but until some other people reiterated it, I never thought about it. I am a stepmother , and though that may not be a huge purpose, it is indeed one. I have been blessed for the last 10 years with a stepson (now 18) and stepdaughter (now 16 – pray for me 🙂 )  I have helped raise them. I never , EVER, would even consider myself anything but a stepparent, they already have 2 wonderful parents. I do think , though, that I’ve added to their lives as they have to mine. I also have become friends with their mother, as well as her family and it’s all been beneficial to the kids. To know that I have helped these 2 kids who’ve come from a divorce, albeit, amicable, is indeed something for me to acknowledge and be proud of.  Now, I’m off to figure out what else i can do to be of service to people because that’s what it’s all about. Plus, that helps me get out of  my own head where I find myself today, my least favorite day of the week…sorry, Monday !


About midlifeKrisis

I'm a happily married woman who is trying to figure out my purpose in life. I have a great husband and friends, an ok job - in this economy, i know i'm lucky to have one, and a pretty good social life. But...there's something missing. I feel I should be happier, so I've decided to start a blog to get my thoughts out there and maybe motivate myself.
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One Response to stepchildren

  1. Someday soon Kris I hope you will realize all you have become to them as they to you. To think that you have become a parent without the normal nine months to prepare and then get them at 6 and 8 and watch them grow and have to deal with the day to day issues, work, feed, shop, put up with doors slamming, standing your ground because you know it’s best for them is tremendous. I know from what circumstances you came and right now I am standing and applauding the job you have done! xoxo

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