learned some things

In my continual quest to figure out my  purpose in life, I have learned a few things : I need to be grateful for everything big (health of my family and friends) and small ( a single gerbera daisy). I need to figure out what makes me happy  and do those things because that happiness will flow over to the innocent people around me. I should have a stronger faith . I should do more service work. Of all the things I’ve read, the most common theme is to treat others with kindness, that old Golden rule. These seem so basic yet honestly, I have trouble with this most important theme. I am a selfish person, I want to help people , but only if it fits into my time schedule. and heaven forbid if you call to talk during my favorite tv show. Now I am not proud of this and I recognize it as a character defect and awareness is the first step to fixing it. Also, how would I feel if I needed to talk and got someone’s machine (and in real life , they’re watching tv instead). It’s not a good feeling. So by “outing” myself like this, I now will try very hard to always put my hand out to my fellow-man. People are more important than tv!!


About midlifeKrisis

I'm a happily married woman who is trying to figure out my purpose in life. I have a great husband and friends, an ok job - in this economy, i know i'm lucky to have one, and a pretty good social life. But...there's something missing. I feel I should be happier, so I've decided to start a blog to get my thoughts out there and maybe motivate myself.
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One Response to learned some things

  1. Living by the Golden Rule is truly a wonderful thing, just like the pay it forward idea. Your comment about not answering the phone if you were watching a TV show doesn’t make you a bad person – everyone needs a break from life. You could choose to answer and if it wasn’t important ask if you could call back. I know that I used to look at a phone number to decide if I was going to pick it up or call back. One time it was my mother and when I picked it up on the third ring, she said, “What are you doing, screening your call?”, to which I politely said, “Yes, and aren’t you glad I picked up!” A little humor never hurts. But we are inundated by people calling asking for money, telling you that you have won a vacation, that they can lower your credit card interest – even with my signing up for the no-call policy. Your honesty in that you wouldn’t want to think that someone is more interested in a show than you at a moment you might be vunerable is valid and I applaud that as a place to start.

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